@urkzik Picked up Rubbers at BigAppleCon. Couldn't stop turning pages until the end. Irreverent, inappropriate, mind-blowingly weird fun.

— Mark D (@mardem1976) March 26, 2017



Rubbers is a sci-fi, action-adventure about a humanoid eraser named “Rubberman,” and his beloved (and blind) eraser girlfriend “Clara.”  While they fall deeply in love, issues quickly escalate when Rubberman responds inelegantly to Clara having clairaudient relations with Rubbermen from alternate realities.

Soon Clara's lured away from their broken home in New York City to another dimension by a suitor named "Rudolph." 

Rubberman and his menagerie of drinking buddies must embark upon a murderous rampage across time and space to find the woman he loves.

A a final, epic battle ensues that may consume all of existence within this spellbinding tale for lovers of comedy, lovers of science fiction, lovers of revenge, lovers of love, and lovesick drunks.